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Co2 laser machine optical parts

  • Laser head and mirror mounts
  • red dot positioning light
  • Co2 laser machine mechanical parts
  • Co2 laser machine optical parts
  • laser head and mirror mounts
  • double outside slider rail single head double head whole set parts
  • double inside slider rail single head double head whole set parts
  • line square rails laser cutting machine parts
  • flat co2 laser cutting machine mechanical parts whole kit
  • CO2 laser metal cutting head
  • auto focus co2 laser cutting head
  • up down table for co2 laser engraving and cutting machine
  • flat co2  laser cutting machine parts
  • color precise co2 laser cutting machine parts
  • co2 laser beam combiner and red pointer supports
  • taiwan hiwin PMI rails and sliders
  • leadshine step motor and drivers
  • step motor gears for laser cutting machine
  • non-metal auto focusing cutting system
  • new co2 laser metal cutting head
  • new model co2 laser cutting machine rails
  • rotary device for laser machine

Product Abstract:

Co2 laser machine optical parts, tube supports, mirror mounts, head. speed reducer, motor gears, Can be double head or single head

Product Description

 tube supports, mirror mounts, head. speed reducer, motor gears, Can be double head or single head

square rails laser cutting parts
tube supports
first reflecting
 mirrors mounts
second reflecting mirror mounts
laser cutting head
x axis belt fixture
x axis reducer
motor fixture
y axis front belt fixture
y axis back belt fixture
y axis reducer
belt fixture
motor gear inner dia 8mm
rail block
support sheet
square rails laser cutting parts  
tube supports 2pcs
first reflecting
 mirrors mounts
second reflecting mirror mounts 1pcs
laser cutting head 1pcs
x axis belt fixture 1pcs
x axis reducer 1pcs
motor fixture 2pcs
y axis front belt fixture 2pcs
y axis back belt fixture 1pcs
y axis reducer 1pcs
belt fixture 6pcs
motor gear inner dia 8mm 2pcs
rail block 6pcs
support sheet 4pcs
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