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fiber laser cutting controller RDC6333F

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  • fiber laser cutting controller RDC6333F
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Product Abstract:

fiber laser cutting controller RDC6333F Peak voltage output is0~10V, mVp-p<60mV.24V outputPWM and laser switch signal, the max. drive capability can up to500mA.Motor controlsignaldifferential output,TTL level,20mAdrive capability

Product Description
Technical Parameters Peak voltage output is0~10V, mVp-p<60mV. 24V outputPWM and laser switch signal, the max. drive capability can up to500mA. Motor controlsignaldifferential output,TTL level,20mAdrive capability The maximum motor control impulse frequency is500KHZ. Support Ethernet interface download processing files. 256Monboardmemory space. Straight line/arc/B splineinterpolation precision is+/-0.5pulse. MultipathIOoutput,the max. drive capability can up to 300mA. Product Overview RDC6333F is one kind of control system especially for medium power fiber laser cutting. This system is based on RUIDA RDC6333 hardware platform which is widely used and stability verification, working with RUIDA all-digital LFS system, excellent fiber laser cutting performance. Theman-machine uses 5.6 inch full color display. Standalone working method, improved the system working stability; standard configured wireless operating panel, easy for user using. Application Area metal cutting field, sheet-metal processing Functions Type-Sacceleration & deceleration control and self-adapting velocity preprocess effectively ensured the motion smoothness. Laser control supports PSV and PWM, greatly improved the laser cutting effect. SupportU-diskinterface for file copy. Onboard256Multra-large capacitynonvolatile storage. Upgrade main board program on line, convenient for factory maintenance and customization. System comes with time system, for system encryption and installment management. Support machine reverse backlash compensation. LFS control and motion control integrated management, easy to operate. Accessories Connecting line between RDC6333F controller Fiber laser conversion card Wireless operation panel Main board Size:235mm*155mm*134mm*184mm*104mm Power :+24V,>3A; Environment:-20℃~70℃
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